Dance Events 2018-11-30

Dance Events 2018-11-30

Learn to dance near me

Dance Events 2018-11-30

Dave’s Desk,

Dance Events 2018-11-30

Friday, November 30th

This is a fun annual dance event.

The evening starts as you walk through the swingin’ saloon doors and you enter the ol’ Saloon & Dance Hall.

Hey greenhorns! The Marshal will be in town so watch yourself or you could end up in the town jail with the Town-Drunk and the other varmints.

Show up in your Wild West and join the fun. That could be a Cowboy, Cowgirl, Rustler, Bank Robber, Saloon Gal, Can-Can Girl, Deputy, Sheriff, Bar Keep, Madam, Ranch Hand, Banker or Gambler. You get the idea.

Please bring snacks or desserts to share.

7pm Dance Lesson: Sweetheart Schottische

8-11pm Dancing: Variety of great Dance Music

Marshal and DJ/Instructor for the evening: Dave Serfling

Root Beer Floats


Friday Nov. 30th
We’ll Have 
Root Beer Floats


Wild Wild West Dance Party - Dance Events 2018-11-30

Wild Wild West Last Year 2017

Line Dancing on Sundays

Did you know we have Line Dancing on Sundays for 2 hours? It’s meant for those with some Line Dance experience. If you’ve been line dancing for a while and you want to get more line dance time and exercise check it out. Here is a link to the info and you can just Drop-In and try it out.

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Dance Every Friday

8-11pm Variety of Music

7-8pm Pre-Dance Lesson

DJ & Instructor: Dave Serfling

7-8pm Pre-Dance Lesson


Dance Events 2018-11-30

Dec 7
Line Dance Lesson

Dec 14
Class Party Dance & Potluck
Cowboy Cha-cha Lesson

Dec 21
ANNUAL Ho-Ho-Hoedown & Dave’s Birthday Party & Dance
Nightclub Two-Step Lesson

Dec 25 (Tuesday) 7pm – 10pm
No Lesson

Dec 28
Line Dance Lesson

Dec 31 (Monday) 8:30pm – 12:30am
Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve (Roaring ’20s Theme)

Waltz Lesson

Featured Line Dance (not the Friday lesson)

Here are two Beginner Line Dances we do sometimes on Friday Night. You can watch the videos a few time

s and try to learn them or join our Line Dance classes to learn them. Then you can use these videos and many more to practice or review the ones you’ve learned.

Click here for line dance classes

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Dance Events 2018-11-30
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Upcoming events at the Rockin' Horse Dance Barn - Dance Events 2018-11-30



December 14th


Please bring an item to share for the Potluck
Festivities include Door Prizes, Raffle Drawings, Mini Dance Lessons, Potluck & Desserts (Please bring something to share)

7pm Dance Lesson

8-11pm Dancing to a variety of music for partner dancing in addition to line dancing


December 21st



This is one of our biggest events every year! Come celebrate with us and all your dance family and friends.

more details coming

Class Party & Potluck 2017-12-15


December 25th


This is a great ANNUAL event. Well attended every year!

A great place to get away after the Holiday and relax with some socializing with friends and dancing.


December 31st

New Year's Eve Dance 2018

Great Gatsby

Glitzy New Year’s Eve Dance

Please add us to your calendar now! Details to come

New Year’s Eve Tickets – $35pp now until midnight 12/27 then $45 at the door

Dave Serfling Best DJ for Hire - Dance Events 2018-11-30

Number 1 Best DJ For Hire

Rokcin' Horse Dance Barn Best Dance Studio - Dance Events 2018-11-30

Best Dance Studio – Number 2

Rockin' Horse Dance Barn Best Dance Club - Dance Events 2018-11-30

Number 3 Best Dance Club

Dance Events 2018-11-30