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East Coast Swing (aka Triple-step Swing) East Coast Swing is mostly a 6-count dance. It rotates in a small stationary space on the dance floor. It can rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise. It shares its history with West Coast Swing as a dance evolving from Lindy Hop. East Coast Swing can be further broken down into 3 categories: Single-Step Swing/Jitterbug, Double-Step Swing (Delayed Single-Step)/Retro Swing and Triple-Step Swing/East Coast Swing


Based on the Lindy Hop, East Coast Swing was created by dance studios in the 1940s due to market demand for training in Swing Dance. Various dance studios believed Lindy Hop was too difficult and too unstructured to teach to beginning dancers, thus East Coast Swing was developed as an alternative. It has also been called Eastern Swing, Jitterbug, American Swing, East Coast Lindy, Lindy (not to be confused with Lindy Hop), and Triple Swing. (Wikipedia)


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East Coast Swing Dance Classes

East Coast Swing Level 1 (Beginner)

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Syllabus (1a)

Basic (Closed Position)
Follow’s Right Underarm Turn (Outside)
Follow’s Left Underarm Turn (Inside)
Lead’s Left Pass
Overhead Slide
Basic (Open Position)
Follow’s Wrap Up to Cuddle
Sweetheart (Left & Right)
Follow’s Tuck Turn Out (Right Turn)
Lead’s Walk Through Catch w/Right Hand
540 or She/He w/Right to Right
Reverse Spin or Follow’s Free Spin
Catch w/Lead’s Left Hand

Syllabus (1b)

Basic (Closed Position)
Follow’s Tuck Turn Out (Right)
Follow’s Left Underarm Turn (Inside)
Lead’s Left Underarm Turn
Basic (Open Position)
Lead’s Comb
Follow’s Comb
Follow’s Wrap Up into Wheel Clockwise
Continuous Wheel
Follow’s Outside Right Turn
Lead’s Walk Through Catch w/Right Hand
Finesse (1 or 2)
Follow’s Left Turn w/Lead’s Hand Change
Behind The Back
She/He with Left Hand (1 or 2)
Reverse Spin w/Left Hand

East Coast Swing Level 2 (Intermediate)

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Syllabus (2a)

Review 1a
Cradle to Hammerlock
Shoulder Check
Lead’s Double Left-pass
Lead’s Double Walk-thru
Throw Out
Sugar Push
Sugar Push w/Throw Out
Double Face-loop

Syllabus (2b)

Review 1b
Throw Out w/Hand Change
Sliding Door
Rotating Basic
Tuck w/Double Outside Turn
Double Inside Turn
Right to Right Wrist-spin
She/He Walk-thru
Tuck in, Alternating Hammerlock
Opposition Break & Roll Out

Syllabus (2c)

Review 1a
Tuck Turns
– Open to Out
– Open to Back
– Closed to Out
– Closed to Back
– Left hand to Back
– Right hand to Back
Reverse Spin
Left Free-spin (Frisbee)
Add Lead turns
Over-rotated Tuck-turn
Chasse 6 ct & 8 ct
– Open
– Closed
Swing Switch

Syllabus (2d)

Review 1b
Straight Jacket Wheel
Lindy Basic
Lindy Tuck-turn Double Out
Shoulder Tag


Music Selections

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Rock My World

You Got What It Takes


Brooks & Dunn

Michelle Wilson