West Coast Swing Dance LessonsWest Coast Swing Dance Lessons

West Coast Swing is a more sophisticated style of swing. Its other names have been Smooth Lindy and *Sophisticated Swing*. It’s now commonly referred to as West Coast Swing. West Coast Swing is danced in a slotted area on the dance floor with tight, smooth movements and to slower swing music. West Coast Swing is also danced to more contemporary music like slow Funky music and Hip Hop as well as the Blues, Rhythm & Blues (R&B), Jazz, Big Band, Country and Latin. West Coast Swing dance lessons are offered at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn all the time. It is usually recommended that students take some East Coast Swing lessons first to familiarize themselves with Swing dancing before taking West Coast Swing. This will build some confidence and familiarize brand new dancers with learning rhythm and footwork.

*Highly Recommended Prerequisite for brand-new students:  (either East Coast Swing or Jitterbug either level 1a or 1b)


Based on the Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing evolved as more mature Lindy Hop dancers left out the aerials, drops and lifts of Lindy Hop resulting in a smoother dance thus the name Smooth Lindy. This evolution continued as the dance floors became smaller and the dancers had to use a smaller footprint for their Swing Dancing. As the West Coast Swing became very different from what is now East Coast Swing the two names helped clarify the two styles.


for West Coast Swing Dance Classes


West Coast Swing Dance Classes

West Coast Swing Level 1 Beginner

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Syllabus (1a)

Underarm Turn (Underarm Pass)
Underarm Turn w/Hand Change
Right Side Pass
Starter Step (4 count)
Basic Tuck
Whip (8 count)

Syllabus (1b)

Left Side Pass
Turning Basic
Slingshot Throwout
Push Break (Sugar Push)
Two Hand Tuck
Basket Whip (Locked Whip) (8 count)

West Coast Swing Level 2 Intermediate

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Syllabus (2a)

Swinging Starter Step
One-Handed Tuck
Syncopated Tuck
Underarm Cutoff
Closing Underarm Cutoff
Hand Change & Crossing Triple
Right Side Arm-Fold Pass
Inside Whip
Outside Whip
Arm-Fold Whip
Cutoff Whip

Syllabus (2b)

Strut Walk (3rd Foot Position Walk)
Two Hand Strut & Tuck to Leftovers
Leftover Alternating Underarm Whip
Over Turning Basic
Rock-n-Roll Out
Rock-n-Sweetheart Roll with Leftovers
Advanced Leftover Outside Whip
Underarm Push Break
Half-Slot Tuck (Closed & Two-Handed)
Walking Whip (Parallel Whip)
Closing Left Side Pass
Rotating Throwout

Syllabus (2c)

Quick Start
Alternating Underarm Turns
Reverse Underarm Turn
Extended Underarm Turn
Leaders Crossing Triple & Hand Change
Right Pass with Underarm Roll
Right Pass with Free Spin
Right Pass with
Sweetheart Roll to Crossed Hands
Right Pass with Skater Roll & Free Spin
Parallel Whip
Basic Tuck & Barrel Roll
Outside Underarm Whip with
Right Hook Turn & Back Hand Change
Right Pass with Leader’s Outside Turn
& Back Hand Change
Inside Whip with Hand Change
Right Pass with Roll to Yoke

Syllabus (2d)

Left Pass with Underarm Roll
Left Pass with Barrel Roll
Left Pass with Roll & Shoulder Catch
Two-Handed Strut to Basket Roll & Walk Back
Turning Basic with Leaders Crossing Triple
2-Handed Tuck with Leader’s Crossing Triple (no hand change)
Left Pass with Roll &
Leader’s Tummy Turn & Hand Change
Right-to-Right Face Loop Push Break with Side Point Groovin’
Turning Basic to Open
One-Handed Open Tuck with Hand Change
Right-to-Right Left Pass with Head Loop & Catch the Hook
Right Pass with Roll to Crossed Hands
Lazy Tuck to Crossed Hands
Crossed Hands Basket Whip
Right-to-Right Push Break with Sweep & Cross Back
Right-to-Right Left Pass with Barrel Roll
Extended Basket Whip
Basket Surprise


Music Selections

for the West Coast Swing







 Song Title

I’m The Only One


Soul Steppin’

Stand By Me



Melissa Etheridge

Vanessa Amorosi

Will Downing