Private Dance Lessons near Seattle, WA

A private dance lesson is one-on-one instruction between you and your instructor, or you, your partner, and your instructor. Private Dance Lessons are a full hour long. Group Classes are a great way to learn patterns, but there is no substitute for working one-on-one in a private dance lesson with a professional dance instructor to learn how to dance and greatly improve your dancing skills.

A private dance lesson is your chance to clarify what you learned in a group class and further refine your technique. You can cover one dance or several during your private dance lessons or how to more effectively lead and/or follow. You may need some extra help with learning a pattern from a Group Class and your instructor can’t give each student individual attention during the class. By taking private dance lessons and group classes, you can get that little extra help you need and maximize the value of your group classes.

Private Dance Lessons and Wedding Dance Lessons

Reasons for Private Lessons

  • Private dance lessons are booked to meet your scheduling needs
  • Learn any dance you want
  • Improve your dance skills at your pace
  • As often as you want (1/week or 10/week or 1/month etc.) or just one time for fun
  • Get a head start on one of our group lessons or get caught up for a group
  • Learn several dances at once
  • Focus on just one style of dance
  • Ask lots of questions in private dance lessons (hard in a group class)
  • Prepare for your first dance at your wedding reception
  • Have a dance routine choreographed for a song
  • Surprise a loved one by learning to dance on the sly
  • We can fit your busy schedule

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Wedding Couples Dance Lessons

Want to make a big impression on that special day? Get professional wedding couples dance lessons from The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn. They’ve been teaching couples just like you for over 35 years!

Click here now for more information on wedding dance lessons.

Book your Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lessons times are scheduled with Instructor. Please call 425-255-9211 to schedule your first private dance lessons after you register.

Please Call To Schedule Your Day & Time

Either before or after you Book your Private Lessons give us a call and we can quickly find a good time for you and your instructor. 425-255-9211

Things to know


  • We recommend coming in layers that you can remove as you warm-up
  • Bring your clean/dry dance shoes and don’t wear them outside
  • Bring water or you can purchase inexpensive bottled water here


  • More than 24 hours no charge
  • 12 to 24 hours $50 charge
  • 12 hours or less is full charge