Walt Dance LessonsWaltz Dance Lessons

Dancing the Waltz develops balance and control. The basic Waltz steps are the foundation patterns used in most ballroom dances. Correct posture, rise and fall, and flowing movements should be stressed to achieve good styling.


Considered the mother of present day dances, the Waltz began in southern Germany in the seventeenth century. The popularity of the Waltz grew with the music of Johann Strauss and eventually blossomed in the 20th century. It is the basis for many dances and is popular today all over the world.


for Waltz Dance Classes



Waltz Dance Class

*You can start with either (1a) or (1b) and a partner is not required.

Syllabus (1a)

Basic Box Step
Progressive Forward
Progressive Backward
Left Turning Box
Two-Way Underarm Turn
Simple Twinkle
Turning Twinkles
Reverse Turn (Left)
Promenade Chasse

Syllabus (1b)

Basic (Closed Position)
Lady’s Turn Turn Out (Right)
Lady’s Left Underarm Turn (Inside)
Man’s Left Underarm Turn
Basic (Open Position)
Man’s Comb
Lady’s Comb
Lady’s Wrap Up into Wheel Clockwise
Continuous Wheel
Lady’s Outside Right Turn
Man’s Walk Through Catch w/Right Hand
Finesse (1 or 2)
Lady’s Left Turn w/Man’s
Hand Change Behind The Back
She/He with Left Hand (1 or 2)
Reverse Spin w/Left Hand


Music Selections

for the waltz



Song Title

Teach Me to Dance

Till You Love Me

Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight

Unchained Melody (waltz version)

Captured (By Love’s Melody)

Fascination – Answer Me

Skater’s Waltz

When I Said I Do

The Answer’s In The Question

I Love To Watch A Woman Dance


Greg Holland

Reba McEntire

Kenny Rogers


Rick Tippe

Werner Tauber

Vicki DeLor

Clint Black

Bob Seger ft Patty Loveless

The Eagles