Wild Wild West Dance Party 2018

Wild Wild West Dance Party 2018Wild Wild West Dance Party

Wild Wild West Dance Party 2018

Friday, November 30th

Dance Events 2018-11-30This is a fun annual dance event.

The evening starts as you walk through the swingin’ saloon doors and you enter the ol’ Saloon & Dance Hall.

Hey greenhorns! The Marshal will be in town so watch yourself or you could end up in the town jail with the Town-Drunk and the other varmints.

Show up in your Wild West and join the fun. That could be a Cowboy, Cowgirl, Rustler, Bank Robber, Saloon Gal, Can-Can Girl, Deputy, Sheriff, Bar Keep, Madam, Ranch Hand, Banker or Gambler. You get the idea.

Please bring snacks or desserts to share.

7pm Dance Lesson: Sweetheart Schottische

8-11pm Dancing: Variety of great Dance Music

Marshal and DJ/Instructor for the evening: Dave Serfling

Root Beer Floats


We Have Free
Root Beer Floats

Wild Wild West Dance Party Dance Events 2018-11-9

Wild Wild West (Photo from 2017)