Line Dancing Lessons

Join other dancers and learn some fun Line Dances or just come for the great exercise! In our Line Dancing Lessons we teach many different line dances to all genres of music like Country, Top 40, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Blues, Funky, Latin, Irish, Swing and much more.

You never need a partner in our Line Dancing Lessons but feel free to bring along some friends and have a lot of fun. Plus, you get exercise without realizing you are actually exercising. If you are looking for Line Dancing in the Seattle area, then you definitely want to come here. We have the largest real hardwood dance floor, with air conditioning and the MOST experienced line dance instructor! Dave Serfling, dance instructor extraordinaire, has over 30 years teaching thousands of people to dance.

A study at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y. found dancing to be the only regular physical activity associated with a significant drop in the incidence of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Other studies have shown Line Dancing Lessons, in particular, to be a great help in areas of memory, balance, cardiovascular and vertigo. And it’s a ton of fun!

Everyone learns at a different pace so we recommend you start with the Introductory and Beginner levels. After you have taken the Beginner level classes and feel ready, you can join the experienced class for more of a challenge.


Line dancing originated from European Folk dances and gained momentum in the 1960s and 1970s especially after the creation of the “Tush Push” and “Electric Slide” in the 70s. Finally in the 1980s, dozens of line dances were choreographed for specific songs and a line dance craze ensued that continues today with thousands of different line dances to every kind of music you can imagine.  For more History of Line Dancing


for Line Dancing Lessons

Level 1 Intro/Beginner Syllabus

You can start with any letter in Level 1 Line Dancing lessons. If you stay in the class it will rotate through all the letters so you can learn all the beginner level Line Dances we teach.

Prerequisite: None

The Level 1 Line Dancing lessons start with an Introductory level Line Dance, then we move into Beginner level dances. This makes new students feel very confident each week as we review the dances from the previous week and then introduce a new if time permits. This class will introduce many of the basic moves necessary for Line Dancing. Some dances are as short as 16 counts to memorize and up to as many as 32 counts. Alphabetical Listing of Line Dances

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Level 2 Improver & Intermediate Syllabus

You can start with any letter in Level 2 Line Dancing lessons.

Prerequisite: Our Level 1 Beginner Syllabus (preferably all 8 series’)

The Level 2 Line Dancing lessons are for the somewhat experienced Line Dancer. These students have been line dancing for some time and have probably learned more than 50 Line Dances. Students in this class will be expected to memorize longer dances and be able to turn frequently. These dances will have a minimum of 32 counts and some may contain up to 64 counts. Some dances will contain occasional Tags and/or Restarts and eventually phrasing will get introduced.

Set ‘a’

Chirpy Chirpy
Men In Black
Gives Me Shivers
Dave’s Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘b’

Something In The Water
Rock Around The Clock
Knee Deep
Music To My Eyes Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘c’

Coconut Cream
We’re Good To Go
Cathy’s Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘d’

Am I?
Higher & Higher
Dancing with You (aka Volcano)
Second Chance Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘e’

Uno, Dos, Tres
Just In Time
Blue Night Cha
Storybook Endings Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘f’

Other Side of The Track
My Bestie
Chili Hot
Lazy 8 Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘g’

Hello Dolly
Tush Push
Bicycle Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘h’

Islands In The Stream
Close Encounters
A Waltz In Time

Plus new dances!

Set ‘i’

Tango With The Sheriff
People Are Crazy
A Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘j’

Under The Sun
Jamaica Mistaka
Baby Doll Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘k’

Jose Cuervo
Beer For My Horses
Years From Now Waltz

Plus new dances!

Set ‘l’

Summer Celebration
Those Were The Days
Bosa Nova
Once Upon A December Waltz

Plus new dances!

Level 3 Intermediate/Advanced Syllabus

You will learn new dances each week in this Line Dance class. Once you have finished enough level 2 Line Dancing lessons you can join this level.

Prerequisite: Our Level 2 Intermediate Syllabus

The Level 3 Line Dancing lessons are for the very experienced Line Dancer. These students have been line dancing for many years and know all the basic steps and want to do Intermediate to Advanced Line Dances. Level 3 dances will usually have a minimum of 32 to 64 counts (some have been known to have 128-400 counts) per dance and typically have Tags, Bridges, a/b/c parts and/or Restarts

Jan – Feb 2009

Tango Cha
Oh Suzanna
Turn Me Loose

Feb – Mar 2009

Irish Spirit
Unchain My Feet
What If We Fly

Apr – May 2009

I Dance
Gazebo Waltz
Hot Flash
Mambo #5
Make My Day

May – Jun 2009

River County Stomp
Life Without U
U Turn
Mojo Rhythm
Time To Swing

Jul – Aug 2009

Where We’ve Been
A Cowboy & A Dancer
You’re My Destiny
Fried Chicken
Holding On To Yesterday

Aug – Sep 2009

Poker Face
Old Hippie
Chicken Fried
Hesitation Waltz

Sep – Nov 2009

Slow Burn
Honky Tonk Stomp
Coochie Bang Bang
Stars In The Heavens Waltz

Nov – Dec 2009

Jessie James
More Than I Can Be
Playing With Fire
Bad Influence

Jan – Feb 2010

Stuff You Gotta Watch
Louisiana Swing
Secret Waltz
I Gotta Feeling
Hey Mama!

Feb – Mar 2010

People Are Crazy
Hands Up
2X Trouble
Rain Against My Window

Apr – May 2010

Smash It
Quarter After One
Rockin’ That Body Body
Bobbi With An I

May – Jun 2010

Oh Ruby!
Broken Heels
Dog-Gone Blues

Jul – Aug 2010

American Cowboy
Hey Soul Sister
Murder My Heart

Aug – Sep 2010

Snap Your Fingers
Hot Hot Hot

Sep – Nov 2010

Make You Sweat
Dancing In The Moonlight
I Run To You
Shanghai Surprise

Nov – Dec 2010

Hello Dolly
Wonderland Waltz
Jumpin’ the Gun
CanAm Tango
Box It Up!

Jan – Feb 2011

Walking In The Rain
Drip Droppin
Blue Night Cha
So Said Joe

Feb – Mar 2011

Knee Deep
Dirty Bit
Dirt Road Dancing

Apr – May 2011

I’m No Good
Chicken Walk Jive
Mimi’s Cha Cha
Bittersweet Memory

May – Jun 2011

Still Got The Blues
Love, Love Me Do
Rolling In The Deep
Talkin To The Moon

Jul – Aug 2011

Beyond Your Eyes
Lady Luck!

Aug – Sep 2011

Just Dance
Love Letter Waltz
Alabama Slammin’

Sep – Nov 2011

It’s Who You Are
I Love That Thing, Hmm, Hmm
Honey Bee
Good Time Drinking
Make An Appearance
Party Freak

Nov – Dec 2011

Melon Heart
La Luna
Rock Your Body
Mr. Mysterious

Jan – Feb 2012

Drinkin’ Wine
Something In The Water
Love Don’t Run
Hi-A-Ma Cha

Feb – Mar 2012

Had A Bad Day
Without Fire
On The Edge
That’s All She Wrote

Apr – May 2012

Heart of My Mind Waltz
Misty Blue
Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Midnight Stroll

May – Jun 2012

Unmistakable Waltz
Love’s Kiss
Right About Now
Take U Home
Watch It Burn

Jul – Aug 2012

Half Past Nothin’
Go Seven
Creepin’ Up On You
Bang Bang

Aug – Sep 2012

Beautiful In My Eyes
Walking Away

Sep – Nov 2012

Through The Fire
Buzz Me
Time Bomb
His Only Need

Nov – Dec 2012

50 Ways
Drive By
Black Heart
Bang Bang (Jul-Aug)

Jan – Feb 2013

Cry Cry Cry
Soul Fire
Shake It For Me
Love Me Or Leave Me

Feb – Mar 2013

Gleefully There Waltz
Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Makin’ Trouble

Apr – May 2013

The Hotdog Boogie
Outta Control
Cheap Talk
Little Mermaid
You Got That Thang

May – Jun 2013

All About Michael
When I Need You
Hurt Me Carefully

Jul – Aug 2013

Blurred Lines (R. McEnaney)
Shake The Room!
Rhythm Of The Night
Throw Away The Key
Redneck Boys

Aug – Sep 2013


Sep – Nov 2013

No Man’s Land
Be My Baby Now
Dream Lover

Nov – Dec 2013

Hurt Me Carefully
Wow Tokyo
Girl Power
Nitty Gritty

Jan – Feb 2014

Blurred Lines (L. Wolfe)
The Good Life
Waltzing At Twilight

Feb – Mar 2014

I Hope You Find It!
Wagon Wheel Rock
Last Living Cowboy (Lv 1)
Clap Happy

Apr – May 2014

Shakin’ My Head
New York 2 LA
Carolina Moon

May – Jun 2014

Counting Stars
Love Me Right

Jul – Aug 2014

High Cotton (Lv 2)
All I Can Say
Eighteen Lonely Months (Lv 2)
Get My Name

Aug – Sep 2014

Such A Fool (Lv 1.5)
Down To The River
Ring My Bells

Sep – Nov 2014

Get It Bae
Blurry Lines (Lv 1.5)
American Kids (Lv 1.5)
Ain’t Wot You Do

Nov – Dec 2014

Say Geronimo
Pull The Trigger

Jan – Mar 2015

Living To Love You
Crocodile Roll
They Call Me The Breeze
Uptown Funk
Rio (Lv 1.5)

Apr – Jun 2015

Let’s Turn It Up
Every Cotton Pickin’ Mornin’
Dear Future Hubby
All I Can Say
I’m Ready
Girl Crush

Jul – Sep 2015

Blow Me A Kiss
And Get It On
Summer Celebration
Those Were The Days

Oct – Dec 2015

Beautiful Brown Drug
Extreme Love
The Bomp


All About That Bass
Rock And Roll Kiss
Better When I’m Dancin’
Tell The World
Cake By The Ocean
So Just Dance, Dance, Dance
Lay Low
Ain’t Misbehavin’
Blackpool By The Sea
Boy Girl Thing
Ghost Train (Zorba’s Dance)
Waiting Game
Strip It Down


Wandering Hearts
Maybe Tomorrow
Ex’s & Oh’s
Eyes For You
Tango With Me Darlin’
Hurts Like A Cha-cha
Let It Out (2008)
I’ll Take Care Of You
Lonely Drum
Everybody’s Groovin’
Champagne Promise
Drinkin’ Problem
Dame Mas
Slowly, Gently, Softly
Lady In Red
Love Remains


Havana Cha
Stars, Stripes And Dirt
Hola La
Love You More
Sweet Caroline