Question: What does the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn offer?

Answer: We offer Group Dance Lessons, Semi Private Dance Lessons and Private Dance Lessons. We have Public Dances every Friday night and on advertised Saturday nights. We offer professional DJ and MC services including dance instruction at your events here or at your location. The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn is also available as a Rental Venue for your special event. We also carry dance related Retail items like Dance Shoes, Dance Boots, Dance Jackets, Shirts, Shoe Bags, Boot Bags, Dance Shoe Brushes and Dance Videos and Dance DVDs.

Question: Do I need to bring a partner?

Answer: No. We do our best to make our classes balanced between men and women or as we refer to students “leads and follows”

Question: What does 1a or 1b or 2a mean?

Answer: This is how we organize our levels. 1 = Beginner 2 = Beyond Beg. 3 = Intermediate/Advanced

You can take either a or b first. It doesn’t matter. But you do want to take both. The material is different but still at the same level.
Read this helpful page about 123 or abc for more explanation

Question: How do I register?

Answer: We have 4 ways:

You can register from our Schedule page. If you are a “New Student” click on the “register” button next to the class you want to take. If you are an “Existing Student” you can register directly using your email address and password by clicking here.
By Mail:
Print and fill-out a registration form and mail it in will a check.
In Person:
You can register early (or at the door) for classes with Cash, Check or Credit Card. However if this is your first time attending a class we recommend registering early to guarantee your spot in a class.
By Phone w/Credit Card:
Find the Dance Class or Classes you want to take our the Schedule page and see if they fit into your schedule. Once you decided on the class to take you can call us with your Credit Card. We’ll ask you a few Registration questions and get you signed up.

Question: Can I get a refund on a class?

Answer: No. We will issue you a credit that is good for one year. More details are available on our Registration Info page.

Question: What kind of shoes should I wear?

Answer: These are recommendations. You can start out with whatever you have available for now.We recommend that you bring your shoes. This keeps them clean and dry.
Shoes work best if they are boots or shoes that lace, or buckle. This keeps them on your feet without your toes needing to grip them. Slip-ons are not recommended.
The bottom or sole of the shoe works best if it slides. The best material is either suede (aka: brushed leather) or leather.
The heel should be the same height that you are used to wearing at least in the beginning. After you have danced for a while you may decide to change the heel.
The last thing is to dedicate this pair of shoes to dancing only. Don’t wear them outside and keep them clean. A lot of people have a shoe bag or boot bag they keep them in. Change your shoes inside the facility before class and change back after class.


At the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn we carry a line of both Dance Boots and Dance Shoes. These are designed specifically for dancing. They are very lightweight, comfortable and a perfect sole for the dance floor.

Dance Shoes

Dave Serfling designed a dance shoes for Swing dancing and Ballroom dancing. It works just fine for other styles of dance as well. The brand is RH Dance Shoes and are only available at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn. Try on a pair you’ll love them.

Dance Boots

The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn is a distributor for Evenin’ Star Dance Boots. We carry a selection of sizes for men and women in both medium and wide widths. Also available in colors: Black, Brown, Skintone and Red. If we don’t have your exact size we can order them for you. Try on a pair and see why they are better for dancing.

Question: What kind of clothes should I wear to dance class?

Answer: First, you should be comfortable. If this is your first dance class we want you to feel at home in class. You may be nervous the first time you do something new so we want you to try to just have fun.

Dress in lightweight clothes but in layers.

You might want to bring a cardigan sweater or light-weight jacket you can slip off during class.

If it is really cold outside don’t wear a turtle neck or sweatshirt to class. Wear lightweight clothes and a big heavy coat so you can take it off when you get here. Then you can shed layers as you warm up.

We keep the heat lower than you would find in an office or retail store because you will be exercising and getting hot. When you arrive it may even feel cool, but once you start dancing you’ll be glad we don’t keep it too warm.

Question: What should I wear to a Dance?

Answer: You will probably want to follow most of what you read in the last question but depending on what the theme is for the night you are coming dancing you may want to adjust to that.

Fridays are definitely more casual than Saturdays but not everyone likes to dress up so don’t feel that you “have” to get dressed up on Saturday.

Saturdays can vary every week depending on who comes and what mood people are in. But usually men are in Black jeans or dark slacks and nice shirts. Women wear Jeans, Skirts and Dresses. We always say to come in what you would feel like. Some women never wear jeans so that is fine. Other women never wear skirts or dresses. I hope you can see where we are going with this suggestion.
If the night has a dress code that will be noted in the advertising. This may be for a Halloween Dance, Red & White Ball, Holiday Ball, Christmas Dance or New Year’s Eve Dance. If there is no listing then you can choose for yourself.