Floor Rentals

  • All dancers/renters must wear masks at all times
  • There will be good ventilation and cleaning between uses.
  • If interested in availability of other times or dates please call 425-255-9211
  • You must register in advance (no walk-ins). Space limited

Monday – Wednesday Details

  • 45 minutes $8.50/person
  • Please arrive approximately 5 minutes early for a safety briefing
  • If coming for partner dance lessons or practicing there cannot be rotating or switching partners. You must bring your own partner and the same for the other attendees.
  • You must be off the floor by the end of your session to allow for required cleaning between sessions.
  • You need to bring your own music (Cell phone, iPod, Laptop etc.), you may hook into our sound system.
  • Independent Instructors must contact us first 425-255-9211.

Friday Details

  • 90 minutes $10/person
  • It’s a chance to Practice, Play, Move, Exercise and Enjoy some dance time  [At The Barn]
  • The floor is structured to give each dancer, or couple, their own space with consideration for social distancing.
  • We limited the number of dancers to accommodate safe spaces for everyone.
  • Music will be playing with a pre-programmed mix of Two-steps, West Coast & East Coast & Country Swings, Nightclub 2-steps, a few latin rhythms and Waltzes too. There will not be a DJ.
  • Line Dancers are welcome. The songs playing are perfect for doing Line Dances as well as Partner Dances. The “Weekly Playlist” will be posted on our website.
  • The lights will be dimmed for a relaxed atmosphere.