Yes In-Person Dance Classes & Floor Rentals

We Have In-Person Dance Classes

In-Person Dance Classes

In-Person Dance Classes

In-Person Dance Classes

Yes In-Person Dance Classes Open

In case you missed it last week. We can now have students in our studio again in small numbers.

We have decided to open the same classes that are online on Zoom for you to join In-Person. Details and prices on our website. If you want to wait a few weeks we will start a new series with the same classes.

These dance styles don’t require a lot of space, individuals can practice them solo and we do them regularly at our Friday Night Dances. For some of you these classes might be a great opportunity to brush-up on your basic skills. It’s also a great way to connect with some of your dance friends too.

Best Of Times

Is there a better time or day of the week for you to take dance lessons? Maybe we can try adding a new time to see if there are other dancers with a similar schedule.

Email us with these details (you can reply to this email):

  • Your name(s) and or how many people you might bring
  • Styles/types of dance you want to learn
  • Days are best for you
  • Times are best for you

Dave is available for In-Person & Online Private Lessons. Call 425-255-9211 to schedule.

Floor Rentals Now Open

Floor Rentals for dance practice are available. Call for availability, pricing and details. You will have a 500 square foot space per person. Or 1,000 sf per couple.

Yes In-Person Dance Classes are waiting for you to register or call for more info.

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