We have Dance Classes both In-Person and On-Zoom

Dance Classes both In-Person and On-Zoom

Rockin' Horse Dance Barn Dance Classes both In-Person and On-Zoom

Winsome Grace Manor

It’s been a while since I’ve sent a newsletter. We’ve been busy with all the changes going on for social gatherings at the Rockin’ Horse and with taking over and prepping Winsome Grace. We now have Dance Classes both In-Person and On-Zoom. Read a little further down this post.

First, a quick note to clarify about Winsome Grace. A few people misunderstood my email about what “we” purchased, and who “we” were. We is me (and Jimmi), not me (and my son Daniel). Daniel found the place and showed it to me (and Jimmi). Immediately we loved it and knew it would be a great Event Venue and we could turn it around and get it running again as things start to open up again. Long story short, Daniel is still looking for a house to buy with me in the Bonney Lake and surrounding area.

So… now we have two Venues to run and rent for events. One is a relaxed country feel with lots of space (RHDB) and one is a beautiful and elegant Victorian style manor. Both are available to rent for any type of Events, Classes or meetings. If you or someone you know might be looking for a space please let them know. Both have multiple rooms allowing for simultaneous activities. Soon we will have updated websites for both Venues.

RHRentalHall.com • WinsomeGrace.com

Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn News

Our Summer Dance Classes both In-Person and On-Zoom starting in June. Details on our website.

Week Day Practice Time Floor Rentals

We have floor rentals available for dance practice, independent dance instructor lessons and for other types of class activities. Call for availability 425-255-9211.

Custom or Private Dance Lessons

Is there a better time or day of the week for you to take dance lessons? Maybe we can try adding a new time to see if there are other dancers with a similar schedule.

Dave is available for In-Person & Online Private Lessons. Call 425-255-9211 to schedule.