This Friday 7/9 & New Dance Classes Starting

This Friday 7/9 & New Dance Classes Starting

This Friday 7/9 & New Dance Classes Starting

This Friday 7/9 & New Dance Classes Starting

Dave’s Desk,

Last Friday night was a huge success. We had over 80 dancers join us. We had a lot of fun seeing our ol’ friends, dancing and learning the new mixer. Over time it will be a quick review before we dance it as one of our 9pm dance mixers. It was just like the old days.

Thank you for your support – from all of us at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn
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Dave & Jimmi

New Classes are starting

Classes with Dave

Link to Schedule & Register

5 Mondays – 7/12/21
Line Dance Classes – Levels 1, 1.5, 2

5 Wednesdays – 7/14/21
Line Dance Classes – Levels 1, 1.5, 2
Country Two-Step – Level 1
East Coast Swing – Level 1

Classes with Rey & Daniela

5 Thursdays – 7/15/21
Salsa – Level Beginner Link to Register


Dance Events 2020-2-28

Dance Every Friday

8-10:30pm Variety of Music

7-8pm Pre-Dance Lesson

DJ & Instructor: Dave Serfling

7-8pm Pre-Dance Lesson


Dance Events

July 9
Country Two-Step

July 16

July 23

July 30

A note on the issues on most everyone’s mind

The virus and the variants are still out there, along with many experiences and opinions. The Govender lifted all restrictions except that unvaccinated people are being told to continue masking.

If you come in our door you are choosing to be responsible for your own protection, safety, or comfort level. We are not going to monitor or request proof of vaccination. You need to be aware that there will be all levels of vaccinated and unvaccinated people that may or may not be wearing a mask. This is an indoor social activity. Please be considerate of each other and the dance community so we can continue to social dance as we continue to fight off the virus.

Bring a mask if you need or want to wear one, use the hand sanitizer set out for you to use, wash your hands, and if you have any of the symptoms please stay home.

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Check out a few of the Line Dances we teach in our Beginner Line Dance Classes. If you want to take Line Dance Lessons Click here for line dance classes

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dance Events 2020-2-28

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Class Party Potluck

Dance Events 2020-2-28