Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn installs Solar Panels

Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn installs Solar Panels

After several years of waiting for the prices to drop and saving up the money the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn installs solar panels. Yes a new 9.9 kW Photovoltaic Solar Panel System. The first system was installed in 2009 with only 3.2 kW. So now the two systems combined will generate four times what the first one did.

The amount of electricity generated will only cover approximately half of the electricity needed/used but it’s a start and if the costs continue to drop maybe in the future another system will be added to be 100% self sufficient for electricity.

Solar Panels

Front View of Solar Panels


Side View of Solar Panels


Electrical Box and EMT


2 Inverters – 2 Production Meters – 2 Shutoffs -1 Net Meter – 1 Generator Input – 1 Junction Box