New Options For Dancing



We have times available for people to come and dance to a mixture of fun dance music on Friday & Saturday Nights. This is one of the new options for dancing we are now offering.

  • It’s a chance to Practice, Play, Move, Exercise and Enjoy some dance time  [At The Barn]
  • The floor is structured to give each dancer, or couple, their own space with consideration for social distancing.
  • We limited the number of dancers to accommodate safe spaces for everyone.
  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • We have several times available. Please find a time, register and join us.
  • Music will be playing with a pre-programmed mix of Two-steps, West Coast & East Coast & Country Swings, Nightclub 2-steps, a few latin rhythms and Waltzes too. There will not be a DJ.
  • Line Dancers are welcome. The songs playing are perfect for doing Line Dances as well as Partner Dances. The “Weekly Playlist” will be posted on our website.
  • The lights will be dimmed for a relaxed atmosphere.
  • There will be good ventilation and cleaning between uses.

Friday & Saturday

In-Person and/or On-Zoom Classes Open

Our February-March classes are starting February 22, 2021.

We have classes that are On-Zoom and In-Person. You can choose which way you want to join us.

These dance styles don’t require a lot of space so you can do them in your home or in our studio. Individuals can register for the classes and practice them solo. For some of you these classes might be a great opportunity to brush-up on your basic skills. It’s also a great way to connect with some of your dance friends you haven’t seen in while. 

Plus a three week, 90 minute each week, Intermediate Waltz class on Fridays, March 12 -26th at 6:30 – 8:00pm.

  • In-Person: Limited registration. Only $89/person for the 4.5 hours. (masks)
  • On-Zoom: Unlimited registration. Only $49/person for the 4.5 hours (no masks)

Dance Classes 

Week Day Practice Time Floor Rentals

Floor Rentals for dance practice are available. Click the FLOOR RENTALS link for availability, pricing and registration.

Floor Rentals 

Private Dance Lessons

Dave is available for In-Person and/or On-Zoom Private Lessons. Call 425-255-9211 to schedule.

Private Lessons

Custom Group Classes

Is there a better time or day of the week for you to take dance lessons? Maybe we can try adding a new time to see if there are other dancers with a similar schedule.

Email or call us with these details:

  • Your name(s) and or how many people you might bring
  • What styles/types of dance you want to learn
  • What days are best for you
  • What times are best for you

Email Us