Join us for a Line Dance Lesson

Join us for a Line Dance Lesson

Join us for a Line Dance Lesson

Dance Events

Dave’s Desk,

Are You Coming Friday? Join us for a fun evening of dancing and learning to dance. Bring some new friends to have them try us out. I will be teaching a Line Dance at 7:00 pm. Then I’ll switch to DJ and play the music for all your favorite dances until 10:30 pm.

Dave Serfling

Read more down below. There are other dance classes and Line Dance Events.

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Line Dance Lessons

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Sundays May 19 – June 16 (5-weeks, $90)
– Intermediate Class 12-1 pm
– Beginner Class 1-2 pm

Thursdays May 23 – June 20 (5-weeks, $90)

– Beginner Class 10-11 am
– Intermediate Class 11-12 noon


Our next planned Sunday Funday will be June 23. Please put it on your calendar and plan to attend.


June 7 – Name of line dance To Be Determined

July 5 – Name of line dance To Be Determined


Dance Events 2019-3-8
These are the dances planned for each Sunday Funday. Join us to learn these dances or use the YOUTUBE LINKS to the VIDEOS below. June 23, 2024   Noon – 2pm   $20pp

Dances to be announced…

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Fridays are Pay-At-The-Door
(No need to pre-pay or register, except specified Special Events)

Last Chance to start Dance Classes this Sunday

7:00 – 8:00pm Dance Lesson:
Break-the-ice, learn a new dance, learn a new move or refresh things you’ve forgotten.

8:00 – 10:30pm Social Dance:
Dave will DJ a variety of music to cover a mix of dance styles.

$18.00 pp lesson & dance
$15.00 pp dance only

Punch cards and Friday passes accepted. Water (16.9 oz. bottle) available for $1.00 each, cash only please

Pre-Dance Lesson Schedule 7-8pm

June 7 – Line Dance

June 28 – Country Two-step

July 5 – Line Dance

July 26 – Ten-step + Turns

2024 Friday Night Dance Calendar

Friday Night Dances
Notice they are on the 1st Friday of each month and the 4th Friday of each month.
DO NOT CONFUSE the 4th Friday with the last Friday of a month because sometimes there are 5 Fridays in a month. We don’t have dances on the last or the 5th Friday.
ONLY THE FIRST AND FOURTH Fridays of the month.




Watch us on YouTube

Check out a few of the Line Dances we teach in our Beginner Line Dance Classes. If you want to take Line Dance Lessons Click here for line dance classes

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Dance Events 2020-2-28

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Join us for a Line Dance Lesson