Our Hero Story

Our Hero Story

Here is a recap of our Hero Story.

Read about how Dave Mullins volunteers for Search and Rescue missions around the world and calls the Pacific Northwest home.


Story Dated 7-19-2017
Dave Mullin’s companion and so much more passed away July 16th from a sudden onset of tumors probably related to her occupation as a Search & Rescue dog. She has quite a record. She found 30 lost people in Washington state, 31 people in Haiti and the only dog to find 3 people after the landslide in Oso, WA. She has done many other amazing things but to Dave she was his companion. She was born July 6, 2006

Dave brought her everywhere including the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn for classes and to the dances on Friday nights. In fact I just saw her and petted her last Friday towards the end of the dance. Many of us got to know her at the Barn and will miss her cheery presence and tail wagging.


Story Dated 9-9-2017
Our Own Dave Mullins is returning soon from a 2 week trip with his rescue boat to Houston (after hurricane Harvey) to volunteer in the recovery effort. Dave was a career firefighter, and was one of the first responders to help at 9-ll, Haiti, Katrina and Oso. His dog Amber helped the last decade in his search and rescue efforts before she passed away of cancer a couple months ago.

Dave would never ask for financial help for himself, but we’ve learned that he’s had mechanical issues on his truck and a flat tire on his boat trailer on his way to Texas. Plus he’s paid for gasoline, food and lodging when he could find it. If you would like to donate funds to help Dave with expenses that he incurred while he was giving his time, energy and resources to selflessly serving victims of this tragedy, it would be appreciated.

Lorna Knudsen will be collecting donations FRIDAY 9/8/17 to be given to him upon his return which he can then apply to his credit card bill. If you prefer to make a check out directly to him, Lorna will also pass that on.

Hero Story

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Story Dated 9-20-2017
Last Friday we awarded Dave with the donations collected to help him continue his Search and Rescue efforts. We had raised over $900 to help with some of his expenses. He also received a new Puppy to train for search and Rescue named Bailey. He brought her in so we could all get a good look at her. She had not yet been in a crowd of so many people and she was very shy. But with a little coaxing we got her to come out to the dance floor (luckily she didn’t wet the floor).

Here is a picture of Dave with Bailey next to his Rescue Boat. Thanks again for your service Dave.

Dave Mullins with Bailey