Halloween Dance 2016

Halloween Dance 2016

halloween dance 2016 jeanneOur Halloween Dance 2016 was on October 28th. It was the Friday night before Halloween.

All through the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn it was eerily dark, when gradually there was a trickle of ghouls and beasts and people with missing parts.

The numbers increased and the monsters varied still more, and soon there was a line at the front desk and out the front door.

We did what we could and taught them to dance, and some looked great if but just at a glance.

There was food and treats for everyone there, it was hard to look at the costumes and not stare.

As the dancing progressed and the costumed guests got hot, we cooled it down and did the Foxtrot.

Although some dancers were new and some dancers were not, it didn’t stop them from giving it their best shot.

We had a costume parade to get a good look, at all the great costumes and wondered at how long it must have took.

So if you are wondering if next year you should attend, well by all means and of course because this annual event will never end.

Here are some photos from our Halloween Dance 2016

halloween dance 2016 penny

halloween dance 2016 kellie & matt

halloween dance 2016 ellie


halloween dance 2016 donna & sun

halloween dance 2016 cindy & liz

halloween dance 2016 cindy & bert


halloween dance 2016 chuck & lynn

Halloween Dance 2016 Terry & Judy

halloween dance 2016 jeanne & matt


halloween dance 2016 andrew jodi judy matt

halloween dance 2016 dave & jimmi