Exciting News to share

Welcome to March 2021 –

It’ll be one year on March 12th that we closed down for the Governor. We have been gradually trying to open for small groups and Zoom classes. Those are small but growing. We also have spent a lot of our time updating the Barn to be ready for business when things open up again.

In addition to all that, a wonderful opportunity came our way when my son Daniel and I started looking for a house for him in the Bonney Lake, Auburn and Sumner area.

On January 16th 2021, Daniel (my son) showed me a listing for this beautiful, unique and special building known as Winsome Grace in Sumner, WA. Once we toured it we knew it was meant to be. We signed papers and closed on a loan on February 22nd (2-22-21). It’s not replacing the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn. Instead, it is an Event Rental Venue mainly for weddings but is suited for all kinds of events including ones with dancing.

We will continue holding our regular classes and dances at the RHDB and rentals at both venues. Of course this will mean hiring some staff at one or both venues to help when needed.

We’re very excited to show you all the special little (and big) things that Winsome Grace has. We are planning a ‘scheduled’ open house on Saturday, March 13, 2021. We will have hourly tours that you can schedule yourself into so we can keep the tours in small groups of 2-4 people unless you have a bubble of 6.

To pique your interest…

  • The right side (East) was a church built in 1883
  • The left side (West) was a house built in 1891, moved 2 miles on logs to this location
  • They are joined by a section that has a kitchen and large dining space on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor has a large room designed with a Japanese influence to honor the Japanese-American congregation that once owned the church before WWII and the internment camps.
  • Secret rooms, doors, passageways, indoor hot tub, sauna, soundproof recording studio, nooks & crannies galore and a BELL TOWER.
  • Two Koi Ponds with a little bridge, waterfall, fountains and an outdoor BBQ bar-kitchen
  • Many more things that will surprise you. It really takes more than an hour to see it all but maybe you will come back again to see it again and again.

Link for booking a Tour



We have open times for people to come and dance to a mixture of fun dance music on Friday & Saturday Nights. Read more details…

Plus a three week, 90 minute each week, Intermediate Waltz class on Fridays, March 12 -26th at 6:30 – 8:00pm. Schedule Page

  • In-Person: Limited registration. Only $89/person for the 4.5 hours. (masks)
  • On-Zoom: Unlimited registration. Only $49/person for the 4.5 hours (no masks)

In-Person & On-Zoom Classes Open

Our February-March classesDetails and prices on our website. The next series will be the week of 4/5/21 – week of 5/3/21 schedule will be online very soon.

We have classes that are on Zoom and In-Person. You can choose which way you want to join us.

Week Day Practice Time Floor Rentals

Floor Rentals for dance practice are available. Call for availability or check website.

Custom or Private Dance Lessons

Is there a better time or day of the week for you to take dance lessons? Maybe we can try adding a new time to see if there are other dancers with a similar schedule.

Dave is available for In-Person & Online Private Lessons. Call 425-255-9211 to schedule.