Dance Events 2018-1-26

Dance Events 2018-1-26
Rockin' Horse Dance Barn - Dance Events 2018-1-26

Dance Events 2018-1-26

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This Friday at 7pm I’ll be teaching East Coast Swing. We have a lot of new students this series so I expect we will see a lot of dancers on Friday. Join us for a fun night of dancing after the dance lesson from 8-11pm.

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Sunday Fundays

Sunday Fundays now include a Dance Workshop and Open Dancing Time with music related to the Dance Workshop.

There are two of these Fundays each month. You can show-up for any or all of them rather than sign-up for a long series of lessons. The level of the Workshop will be about 1.5. That is somewhere between a beginner and intermediate level similar to how I do the Friday Night Dance Lessons.

We are doing two styles of dance to give lots of you a chance to learn and practice dancing. See the schedule to the right.

Workshop $12/person

Open Dancing $8/person or $15/2 people


February 4, 2018

5-6pm West Coast Swing Workshop $12/person
6-8pm Open Dancing with Swing Music $8/person or $15/2 people

February 11, 2018

5-6pm Line Dance Workshop $12/person
6-8pm Open Dancing with a run through of the Line Dances before the Music  $8/person or $15/2 people


Rockin' Horse Dance Barn Dancing Dance Events 2018-1-26

Dance Every Friday

8-11pm Variety of Music

DJ & Instructor: Dave Serfling

7-8pm Pre-Dance

7-8pm Pre-Dance

Lesson Schedule

Dance Events 2018-1-26

Jan 26
East Coast Swing

Feb 2
New Line Dance

Feb 9
Nightclub Two-Step
Sweet Treat Potluck. Please bring sweets to share

Feb 16
Sidekick (Patterned Round Dance)
Class Party & Potluck. Please bring item to share

Featured Line Dance (not the Friday lesson)

Here are two Beginner Line Dances we do sometimes on Friday Night. You can watch the videos a few times and try to learn them or or join our classes to learn them. Then you can use these videos and many more to practice or review the ones you learned.

Click here for line dance classes

Please help us by watching our videos each week. These videos need more views. Please take less than 2 minutes to watch them. Watching our videos helps boost our ranking and our presence on the internet.

Dance Events 2018-1-26
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Upcoming events at the Rockin' Horse Dance Barn - Dance Events 2018-1-26

February 9th Friday

Pre Valentine’s Day

Sweet Treat Potluck and Dance so please bring sweet treats to share.

7pm Dance Lesson: Nightclub Two-Step

8-11pm Dancing to a variety of music for partner dancing and line dancing

February 16th Friday

Class Party & Potluck (open to everyone)

Please bring potluck item to share. Plus we have a Raffle Drawing, Door Prizes & Mini dance lesson

7pm Dance Lesson: Sidekick (Patterned Round Dance)

8-11pm Dancing to a variety of music for partner dancing in addition to line dancing

Dave Serfling Best DJ for Hire - Dance Events 2018-1-26

Number 1 Best DJ For Hire

Rokcin' Horse Dance Barn Best Dance Studio - Dance Events 2018-1-26

Best Dance Studio – Number 2

Rockin' Horse Dance Barn Best Dance Club - Dance Events 2018-1-26

Number 3 Best Dance Club