Dave’s Desk – Dance Events 2017-12-1

Rockin' Horse Dance Barn - Dance Events 2017-12-1

Dance Events 2017-12-1

Dave’s Desk,

Happy Holidays!

I am trying a new way of sending out my weekly emails to give you a quick way and a lasting way of reading the Dance Events we are having. This email/post for Dance Events 2017-12-1 will be located on our website for you to find anytime anywhere you have internet access. I will add more features to the emails as time goes to give you more interactive use. Best of all you won’t need to save your email to know what is happening. I’ll send out a link in my usual weekly email to these posts.

Jimmi and I have been preparing for our trip to England to celebrate Jimmi’s Gramma’s 100th birthday. Sadly we will be “Celebrating Her Life” instead. Tuesday morning she passed away quietly in her sleep a week before her birthday. Ironically her mother (Jimmi’s Great-Gramma) passed away two weeks before her 100th birthday. We were all looking forward to celebrating and seeing her birthday card from the Queen. But we’ll be with all the family anyway and can celebrate the full life she was so blessed to have.

We will not be at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn for this Friday’s Dance as most of you already know. But we’ll have a great substitute instructor and DJ for the Lesson and the Dance. This Friday’s lesson will be a line dance called “I Got A Woman”. I picked it because it’s a very fun upbeat song and so is the line dance that goes with it. Join our guest instructor Reba for the Line Dance lesson. And stay for the dance with our guest DJ Rob. He knows what you like and how to play it. He has been doing a great job for us for several years. Thanks Rob & Reba for covering for us.

Thank you,


Featured Line Dance (not the Friday lesson)

Here are two Beginner Line Dances we do sometimes on Friday Night. You can watch the videos a few times and try to learn them or or join our classes to learn them. Then you can use these videos and many more to practice or review the ones you learned.

Click here for line dance classes

Please help us by watching our videos each week. We just relearned Shotgun recently in classes so there might be a request for it Friday Night.


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Dance Cruise 2018 - Dance Events 2017-12-1

New Orleans Jazz Festival

& Caribbean Dance Cruise 2018

Saturday, April 28  &  Sunday, April 29 – Sunday, May 6



Dave Serfling Best DJ for Hire

Number 1 Best DJ For Hire

Rokcin' Horse Dance Barn Best Dance Studio

Number 2 Best Dance Studio

Rockin' Horse Dance Barn Best Dance Club

Number 3 Best Dance Club


Rockin' Horse Dance Barn Dancing Dance Events 2017-12-1

Dance Every Friday

8-11pm Variety of Music

DJ & Instructor: Dave Serfling

7-8pm Pre-Dance

7-8pm Pre-Dance

Lesson Schedule

Dec 1
Line Dance “I Got A Woman”
Instructor: Reba

Dec 8
Instructor: Reba

Dec 15
Annual Ho-ho-hoedown
Class Party & Potluck
Lesson: Cowboy Cha-cha

Dec 22
Dave’s Birthday Dance Party
Lesson: Nightclub Two-Step

Dec 25 (Monday)
Annual Christmas Dance (Save the date)

Dec 29
Line Dance “To Be Announced”

Dec 31 (Sunday) New Year’s Eve
click for details. Please save the date

Upcoming events at the Rockin' Horse Dance Barn


December 15 (Friday)


7:00 Lesson: Cowboy Cha-cha
8-11:00 Dance to a Variety of music Country, Swing, Popular and more

Please bring an item to share for the Potluck
Festivities include Door Prizes, Raffle Drawings, Mini Dance Lessons, Potluck & Desserts (Please bring something to share)
This annual event has been growing since 1990

Lesson & Dance $12/Dance only $10

December 22 (Friday)

Dave’s B-day Dance Party

7:00 Lesson: Nightclub Two-Step
8-11:00 Dance to a Variety of music Country, Swing, Popular and more
Lesson & Dance $12/Dance only $10
This annual event has been going since 1961

December 25 (Monday)

Christmas Dance

After your Christmas day with family is over you can join your friends for a casual evening of dancing and socializing.
Dance 7-10pm • $10/person
You are welcome to bring any of your Holiday Treats you need to remove from your house!


December 31 (Sunday)

New Year’s Eve

Music by Dave Serfling
8:30 – 9:30 Jitterbug Lesson
Dancing 9:30pm – 12:30am
Dance Mixer • Noisemakers • Party Favors • Beverages • Hors d’oeuvres • Desserts • Balloon Drop • Sparkling Cider Toast


  • $35.00pp By Dec. 25
  • $40.00pp By Dec. 29
  • $45.00pp At The Door