Dance Events 10-15-2021

Dance Events 10-15-2021

Dance Events 10-15-2021

Dance Events 10-15-2021

Dave’s Desk,

This Friday I will be teaching a Hustle Dance Lesson at 7pm. This is a partner style of dance, not the line dance “The Hustle”. To those that don’t know what Hustle looks like it is similar to some types of swing but also has unique characteristics. After the lesson, at 8pm, I will be playing a variety of Dance Music for all the dance styles we love to do at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn (8pm – 10:30pm).

Our Friday Dances are continuing to increase. I hope you will be attending soon.

Mask Policy – The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn is requiring everyone wear masks to attend Classes and Friday Night Dances until further notice.

Group Dance Classes

We are finalizing the details on some Group Dance Classes starting in November-December. So stay tuned to my next email with the details. You can leave a comment to this post to show your interest in attending Group Dance Classes at the bottom of the post.

Thank you for your support – from all of us at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn
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Dave & Jimmi


Dance Events 9-17-2021

7:00 – 8:00pm Dance Lesson:
Break-the-ice, learn a new dance, learn a new move or refresh things you’ve forgotten.

8:00 – 10:30pm Social Dance:
Dave will DJ a variety of music to cover a mix of dance styles.

$15.00 pp lesson & dance
$12.00 pp dance only

Punch cards and Friday passes accepted. Water (16.9 oz. bottle) available for $1.00 each, cash only

DJ & Instructor: Dave Serfling

7-8pm Pre-Dance Lesson

Upcoming Schedule

October 15

October 22
West Coast Swing

October 29
Nightclub Two-step
As usual costumes are optional
(We will not be holding a costume contest this year)



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Check out a few of the Line Dances we teach in our Beginner Line Dance Classes. If you want to take Line Dance Lessons Click here for line dance classes

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Dance Events 2020-2-28

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Dance Events 10-15-2021