What does the 1a or 1b mean?

1-2-3-4What does the 1a or 1b mean?

Looking at our class schedule you may wonder what 1a or 1b vs 2 & 3 are all about. These notations are the way that we categorize our dance classes and lay out the progression pattern for our students.

Our Level 1 (Beginner Dance Classes)

This is the starting foundation level for all of our dances (bronze level or beginner). You can come in to any of these classes with little or NO experience . . . the instructors will start off with the rhythm and count of each dance and continue on through how to connect with your partner and lead/follow. In a beginning level class you will learn many moves and turns and build confidence in the dance style.

Our Level 2 (Beyond Beginner Dance Classes)

*Requirement: You must complete both Level 1a and 1b at a minimum of once each. (We recommend 2 or 3 times each for many new students. There is a great discount for repeating, 25% off 2nd time, 50% 3rd time and beyond. Line Dancing has a different discount)

Now take your introductory/beginner material to the next level . . . refining your level 1 moves as well as progressing your skills through more complex moves & patterns (upper bronze & silver or Beginner Plus or Beyond Beginner).

Our Level 3 (Intermediate/Advanced Dance Classes)

*Requirement: You must complete Level 1a and 1b and all Level 2 classes.

Once you are comfortable with all the Level 2 dance classes (and with instructor permission) you can move in to our Level 3 Classes where the sky’s the limit (upper silver & gold+) . . . material at this level includes more advanced styling and syncopations.

Already an experienced Dancer?
Maybe you want to add some new moves to your repertoire or you moved here from somewhere else or you want a new place to dance. Where do you fit in? We have a Syllabus for most of our classes. They are located on each of these pages depending on the dance type you want to work on.

a-b-c-dNow what about those letters?
Within each level of dance class we have broken down the material into manageable sets for a 6-week class series. Therefore, you should plan on taking all of the letters available before progressing to the next numerical level. (Most students usually repeat the parts a second time to ensure mastery & enjoyment before moving up.)

Our level 1 classes have an “a” & “b” component. (You can take them in either order, it doesn’t matter if you take “b” first) Students need to take both of these 6-week series to complete their beginning level steps and turns.
Most of our level 2 classes have “a, b, c & d” components. (You can take them in any order, it doesn’t matter if you take “a” or “b” first) Students need to take all 4 of these 6-week series to complete their 2nd level steps and turns.
Level 3 usually does not have letter notations as the material is constantly changing and growing.

Line Dancing Classes

Note: Our line dance classes – all levels – have many more letter notations thanks to the thousands of line dances popular today as well as the vast array of individual components a student can learn. Visit our website to see which specific line dances fall into each of our class series.

You can start in any ‘letter’ order, it doesn’t matter which “letter” you take first. But you need to start at Level 1 before registering for Level 2 classes. You can see all the information you need about each “letter set” on our line dance page including the names of the dances and the helpful step sheets.