Dance Classes in Renton

Let’s Dance! It Makes Exercising Fun

Are you a person who finds running or walking a chore, going to the gym a bore, or lifting weights tiresome? Then you should consider giving dance a try to reap more health benefits. No matter what style you choose, as long as you are moving to the beat, your body benefits. Dance classes in Renton are available for different styles including salsa, swing, ballroom, and more. These dance styles make exercising fun, require no special equipment, and are suitable for all ages. Here are a few health benefits of dancing.

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CELEBRATE: Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn turns 20 + more

CELEBRATE: Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn turns 20

CELEBRATE: Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn turns 20

CELEBRATE: Rockin' Horse Dance Barn turns 20Saturday, September 29th 2018   7pm – 11pm (6pm for dinner. DINNER IS SOLD OUT)

Join us for a fun filled evening as we CELEBRATE: Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn turns 20! It’s sure to be a hit with Food & Friends, Dancing & Door Prizes and of course CAKE!

Purchase ADVANCE TICKETS** for only $6.00 until Friday, September 21st 2018. You may purchase ADVANCE TICKETS over the phone (425-255-9211) or in person at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn. Order forms will be available at the counter.

The doors open at 6:45. Dance Tickets at the door will be $15 (this includes all the dance lessons and the open dancing)



Dave Serfling Dance Cruise 2018

Dave is celebrating 30 years as a Dance Instructor & DJ

The Barn (originally Hagen’s Barn) is celebrating 60 years

Jimmi & Dave Serfling

Dave & Jimmi celebrated their 10th Anniversary

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Jitterbug puts the beat in upbeat

Jitterbug puts the ‘beat’ in ‘upbeat’

Jitterbug puts the beat in upbeat originally published June 4, 2018 at 7:00 am Seattle Times Pacific NW Magazine

Instructor and owner Dave Serfling dances with Jane as he leads a jitterbug class at Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn in Renton. (Jason Redmond/Special to The Seattle Times)


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Getting My Groove

Getting My Groove

Getting My Groove

Whether attending a wedding, nightclub or just a social gathering, dancing is sure to be one of the main forms of entertainment. For many people, however, dancing is a cause for inhibition, often resulting in “wallflowers.” Admittedly, up until recently I was one of those people who looked at the dance floor with disdain from my lonely perch against the wall. Some day I hope to be getting my groove on the dance floor.

Having never even attempted to dance, I decided that the best option for overcoming my fears was to enroll in some Renton dance lessons. During the first few dance classes, I was all over my partner’s feet, and I considered throwing in the towel. With a little persistence however, I gradually found my stride and now I am quite adept on the dance floor.

Year At A Glance 2016 Dance Class Schedule

At-A-Glance-Calendar-2016Year At A Glance 2016 Dance Class Schedule

Have you wanted to see the whole year of classes at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn on one piece of paper?

Here it is. We created a PDF (Year At A Glance 2016 Dance Class Schedule) for you to plan your 2016 Dance classes around the holidays and your vacations.

It includes:

  • Our 5 & 6 week Dance Classes
  • Alternating blue and yellow Series to make it easy to read
  • Our “Class Parties”
  • When we don’t have classes for special holidays

You can click the image and print it or save it on your favorite electronic device for future viewing.

If you want to see our Dance Class Schedule in full with details and links for registering click here

Country Dancing in Seattle

Country Dancing in SeattleCountry Dancing in Seattle

There are very few places to go Country dancing in Seattle anymore. Country Dancing in Seattle slowed down after its heyday during the 1990s but has been steadily on the rise again. In the late 1980s through the 1990s there were many Country bars and clubs in the area like the Riverside (Tukwila) , Little Red Hen (Seattle), Parker’s (North Seattle), McCabe’s (Tacoma), Club Broadway (Everett), Jerry Andel’s (Everett & Auburn) and the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn (Renton).

Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn

The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn is by far the biggest one left. One thing that sets the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn apart from the other places to go dancing is there is no alcohol. It is a place to just dance and have a good time. With 4,000 sq. ft. it is the largest hardwood dance floor for “any” kind of dancing in the Seattle area.

If you live in Seattle or are visiting Seattle this is a destination you really should put on your list of places to go for Country Dancing in Seattle. The best night for country dancing is Friday night. There are dance lessons every night and even during the day.

Dave Serfling

The owner Dave Serfling has been teaching adults to dance since 1988. His relaxed fun attitude has helped thousands of people come to love dancing. His decades of experience teaching has helped everyone that wants to learn to dance “Learn to Dance” and have fun. If you are looking for a place to start your Country dancing in Seattle you should try the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn for sure.

Renton Dance Classes

renton-dance-classesEvery year my wife and I make a New Year’s resolution and do our best to help each other meet our goals. Usually this involves each of us endeavoring on our own personal quest, but this year our objectives were aligned. When the New Year hit, we decided to signup for some Renton dance classes.

Neither of us is proficient on the dance floor. As a matter of fact, we even decided to not take our first dance when we got married in fear of embarrassing ourselves. After just a few weeks at our new dance classes at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, however, we both have a newly imbued sense of confidence. We even ventured out to a dance club last weekend.

Learn How to Dance in Seattle

Learn to dance in Seattle areaI want to Learn How to Dance in Seattle. Despite being an outgoing person, I’ve never danced a step in my life. Up until this point it hasn’t posed too much of a problem for me, but in the last couple of months I have been seeing a girl who grew up on the dance floor. Every weekend she tries to persuade me to come out dancing, and every weekend I have to devise another lame excuse to hide my fear.

I’ve finally decided to swallow my pride and endeavor to learn how to dance in Seattle. Luckily, I was able to find a place nearby my house in Renton that virtually always has a class going. This has allowed me to work the dance instruction into my schedule, and this weekend I think I may even test my skills at a real club.

Dance Your Way to Fitness

Dance Your Way to Fitness. One problem that people run into when exercising is workout boredom. That cardio workout at the gym soon becomes a chore even though regular cardio exercise is vital for your health. That twice weekly visit to the gym to run on the treadmill or use the exercise machines very quickly lose their attraction.

By combining cardio exercise with the fun of dance is a great way to keep fit. So why not combine exercise with pleasure and join a Seattle-Renton dance instruction class? Any exercise becomes more effortless if you do it with other people and to a dance beat.