Why should I brush the bottom of my dance shoes?

Sometimes people ask “Why should I brush the bottom of my dance shoes?” The first reason is to remove the wax build up from the dance floor and dirt particles from the other dancers’ shoes. Believe it or not, not everyone wears proper Dance Shoes when dancing!

Latest-Fashion-Dance-Shoes-300x300The second reason is to maintain the glide consistency that the suede sole provides you, not too slippery and not too sticky. Hard soles and leather can be too slippery causing you to loose control of your turns and/or balance. Rubber soles or sticky soles can cause soreness or injury, especially if you are turning at all. This can be to the ankles, knees or hips.

The third reason is they will last longer. Why you ask? One is that almost everything lasts longer if kept clean. But the main reason is that once the suede looses its soft fuzzy texture it becomes smooth leather and the friction from turning and sliding faster causes a higher temperature and you simply burn through your soles quicker.

A small investment in a shoe brush is worth it.

One last note:
“Please brush your shoes over the trash can or outside, not onto the dance floor you and everyone else will be dancing on in a few minutes!” I’m sure someone has just swept the floor to maximize a wonderful dance experience.  You wouldn’t want to brush a bunch of dirt on it, would you?