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Jane’s Birthday 2018

Jane’s Birthday 2018Jane Birthday 2018

Jane’s Birthday 2018 celebration at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn on March 2, 2018.

Celebrating Jane’s Birthday 2018 at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn. Jane’s son Kevin wanted to throw his mom a surprise  Birthday Party. So some dance friends joined up and made it a big night for her.

It started out with Kellie making posters and Jimmi, Kellie and Jeanne decorating the table. Dave taught a Line Dance to Sweet Caroline to one of the biggest Friday Night line dance crowds in recent memory. It was a fun dance lesson.

Later it was time for the dance mixer and birthdays. We got red roses and white carnations and Jimmi quietly handed them out to several people in the circle. Then we sang Happy Birthday to her and Max who was also celebrating his birthday. Thank you Rob for taking all the photos.

After we sang Happy Birthday. Kevin brought out a gift bag with a Vase in it. Then SURPRISE flowers starting appearing from around the room. Needless to say she was very surprised. Yay team!

Then we did a mixer dance and had birthday cake and lots of photos.

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Daily Practices To Improve Your Dancing

5 Simple Daily Practices To Improve Your Dancing

Prepare YourselfDaily Practices To Improve Your Dancing

When it comes to Ballroom dancing, Country dancing, and Swing dancing, you’re likely to pick it up with greater speed than more formalized dancing genres like modern dance, jazz, ballet, and tap. Still, if you want to do the best out there on the dance floor, you’ll need to learn the steps. That’s just one tip, following are daily practices to improve your dancing you can do to hone your performance out there on the dance floor. 

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