Ballroom Dance – An Unspoken List of Tips, Tricks, and Courtesies

When it comes to ballroom dance, we love everything about it! The beauty, elegance, coordination, teamwork with the partner, and more. Contrary to the belief, ballroom dance is not hard as long as you know what to do. Here are a few tips and tricks that help you start your ballroom dancing journey on the right foot.

The Proper Closed Dance Hold

In the ballroom dancing step, the feet must be appropriately positioned in such a way, that the right foot of either partner can step between the feet of the other partner. By this way, the knees won’t hit, and every partner can step into the other.

Maintain a Strong Frame

A proper dance frame helps you to maintain the connection between you and your partner. Your frame should be firm all the time, so it allows you to feel like he/she is part of your body. By this way, he or she can sense the movement from your body instantly. Here are a few tricks to check that you are maintaining a strong frame.

  • Cup your partner’s shoulder blade with your right hand
  • Lift your right elbow
  • Roll your shoulders back
  • Stand up straight
  • Engage your core

Maintain Space between the Heads

A big space must be made between the heads of the partners to create patterns like pivot turns. So, create this space by positioning the right hand of the man against the woman. Dance classes in Renton can teach you how to maintain a good posture and space in ballroom dancing.

Lead with Your Body

Leading with the arms and hands can cause a lot of yanking that is ineffective and uncomfortable for the followers. So, before you take the step, move your body first, and your partner will be able to react to your movement accordingly.

Be Gentle

Avoid holding your partner’s hand too tightly or squeezing the fingers. This causes great discomfort and prevents the fluidity of the movement.

In addition to these, try your best to dance to the beat of the song while executing all the details in leading. Enroll in ballroom dance lessons in Renton to learn the basic rules and tricks to make dancing easier and more enjoyable for your partner.