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Country Swing or 4-Count Swing is a simple style of swing consisting of rocking forward and back. This style of swing is very popular and versatile due to the steady four counts and can be danced to a plethora of different types of current music. One very popular genre of music for this dance style is Country music (hence the name Country Swing). Many Country Swing dancers don’t actually do the footwork because they love the arm-work involved with swinging, wrapping, throwing, tossing, lifting and dropping their partners. At the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, we teach steady footwork with many turns but none of them involve the woman flying off in the air. However, we do offer private lessons for that if it sounds like fun.


Country swing was developed in the dance halls, barns, ranches and house parties of small towns throughout the lower Great Plains and the south in the late 1920s and early 30s


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Country Swing Dance Class

*You can start with either (1a) or (1b) and a partner is not required.

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