Country Dancing

is not one dance, or type of dance, but rather a group of dances done to Country music. Country Bands or DJs will play a variety of songs that can be danced to with a Partner or you can Line Dance to them.

The most common or popular ones are:


Country Two Step Dance Classes

 Country Two Step Dance

The 2-Step is the most useful dance for those who love partner dancing. This class will get you dancin’ in no time at all. The basic step is easy and the turns are fun. Learn how to lead/follow the most popular steps of the Country 2-Step.

Click here for Country Two Step Dance Lessons, class schedules, syllabus and music sheet.

Country Western Waltz dance Classes

 Western Waltz

This is a great way to start learning to partner dance. This progressive style of Waltz moves and glides around the dance floor. Learn how to lead and follow for the most popular turns in Western Waltz.

Click here for Country Western Waltz Dance Lessons, class schedules, syllabus and music sheet.

 Country Round Dance Classes

 Country Round Dances

This class will focus on the most popular Country “Pattern” dances done in a circle around the dance floor. The class is divided into two series. Having a 1a and 1b class will allow you more time to learn fun variations to each of these dances.

Click here for Country Swing Dance Lessons, class schedules, syllabus and music sheet.

There are others you may want to learn and we offer them in the other styles like Swing or Nightclub.

Line Dancing is done without a partner and is not just for Country music (see Line Dancing descriptions for more details).

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