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renton-dance-classesEvery year my wife and I make a New Year’s resolution and do our best to help each other meet our goals. Usually this involves each of us endeavoring on our own personal quest, but this year our objectives were aligned. When the New Year hit, we decided to signup for some Renton dance classes.

Neither of us is proficient on the dance floor. As a matter of fact, we even decided to not take our first dance when we got married in fear of embarrassing ourselves. After just a few weeks at our new dance classes at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, however, we both have a newly imbued sense of confidence. We even ventured out to a dance club last weekend.

What does the 1a or 1b mean?

1-2-3-4Looking at our class schedule you may wonder what 1a or 1b vs 2 & 3 are all about. These notations are the way that we categorize our dance classes and lay out the progression pattern for our students.

Our Level 1 Classes are the starting foundation level for all of our dances (bronze level or beginner). You can come in to any of these classes with little or NO experience . . . the instructors will start off with the rhythm and count of each dance and continue on through how to connect with your partner and lead/follow. In a beginning level class you will learn many moves and turns and build confidence in the dance style.

Our Level 2 Classes take your introductory material to the next level . . . refining your level 1 moves as well as progressing your skills through more complex moves & patterns (upper bronze & silver or Beginner Plus or Beyond Beginner). Once you are comfortable (and with instructor permission) you can move in to our Level 3 Classes where the sky is the limit (upper silver & gold+) . . . material at this level includes more advanced styling and syncopations.

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How do I register for a dance class?

We have 4 ways:

You can register for a dance class from our “schedule” page. If you are a “New Student” click on the “register” button next to the class you want to take. If you are an “Existing Student” you can register directly using your email address and password by clicking here.

In Person:
You can register early (or at the door) for classes with Cash, Check or Credit Card. However if this is your first time attending a class we recommend registering early to guarantee your spot in a class.

By Phone w/Credit Card:
Find the Dance Class or Classes you want to take on this Description page, then go to the Schedule page to see if they fit into your schedule. Once you decided on the class to take you can call us with your Credit Card. We’ll ask you a few Registration questions and get you signed up.

By Mail:
Print and fill-out a registration form and mail it in will a check.

Single Mom oil change event

Single Mom Oil Change

New Life Church of Renton, WA on the Maple Valley Highway hosts a Single Mom oil change event twice a year where volunteers from the church set up a “Big Shop” in the church parking lot and service the cars of single moms in the local area.

Many of the cars’ only servicing is done at these events so it is a very helpful thing for these busy moms. Back in June 2015 the church donated a newer replacement car to one of the moms. She was overjoyed and brought to tears along with many of the volunteers.

Around 200 cars are serviced at each event including oil changes, wiper blade replacement, vacuum service, fluid refills, light bulb replacement, tire pressure adjustment and sometimes tire replacements.

The photo includes our Small Group from left Laurie Adams, Jimmi Serfling, Marshall Adams, Dave Serfling, Marcella Lawhon and Ron Lawhon. Missing from photo is Laura VanTrojen.

Why should I brush the bottom of my dance shoes?

Sometimes people ask “Why should I brush the bottom of my dance shoes?” The first reason is to remove the wax build up from the dance floor and dirt particles from the other dancers’ shoes. Believe it or not, not everyone wears proper Dance Shoes when dancing!

Latest-Fashion-Dance-Shoes-300x300The second reason is to maintain the glide consistency that the suede sole provides you, not too slippery and not too sticky. Hard soles and leather can be too slippery causing you to loose control of your turns and/or balance. Rubber soles or sticky soles can cause soreness or injury, especially if you are turning at all. This can be to the ankles, knees or hips.

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Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels. ~Faith Whittlesey

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