Rockin Horse Dance Barn installs Solar Panels

Rockin Horse Dance Barn installs Solar Panels

After several years of waiting for the prices to drop and saving up the money the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn installs solar panels. Yes a new 9.9 kW Photovoltaic Solar Panel System. The first system was installed in 2009 with only 3.2 kW. So now the two systems combined will generate four times what the first one did.

The amount of electricity generated will only cover approximately half of the electricity needed/used but it’s a start and if the costs continue to drop maybe in the future another system will be added to be 100% self sufficient for electricity.

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Celebration of Life – Al Spencer

Al SpencerAl Spencer

was a regular attendee of our Friday night dances for years. He was loved by all that knew him. He danced with all the women at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn when he was here. His favorite dance was the Foxtrot. He would request one or two every week.

Al was born in Wyoming in 1931, he passed away April 1, 2016.  He loved to hunt, fish and of course dance. He loved his family and taking trips with them to watch his grandkids play sports. He met the love of his life, Virginia, while he was in the Air Force stationed in Las Vegas. They were married 52 years before she passed away.

Celebration of Life – Al Spencer

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Getting My Groove

Getting My Groove

Getting My Groove

Whether attending a wedding, nightclub or just a social gathering, dancing is sure to be one of the main forms of entertainment. For many people, however, dancing is a cause for inhibition, often resulting in “wallflowers.” Admittedly, up until recently I was one of those people who looked at the dance floor with disdain from my lonely perch against the wall. Some day I hope to be getting my groove on the dance floor.

Having never even attempted to dance, I decided that the best option for overcoming my fears was to enroll in some Renton dance lessons. During the first few dance classes, I was all over my partner’s feet, and I considered throwing in the towel. With a little persistence however, I gradually found my stride and now I am quite adept on the dance floor.

Dance Cruise 2017

Dance Cruise 2017 on Carnival MiracleJoin us on our Mexican Riviera Dance Cruise 2017

Saturday February 18-25, 2017

The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn presents Dance Cruise 2017. This Dance Cruise 2017 will be to the beautiful Mexican Riviera including Cabo San Lucas & Puerto Vallarta. We have been leading “Dance Cruises” since 1992 through the Western, Eastern and Southern Caribbean, Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal, Canada and Alaska.

Dave Serfling has been teaching thousands the fun of dance since 1988. He will be the dance instructor and Tour Conductor for our Group along with his wife Jimmi. We will be offering classes for both Partner Dancers and Line Dancers these are included with your cruise (if you book within our Group). Everyone in our Group will have access to all our Group Dance Classes as well as any Ship Dance Classes. We also plan to dance in the evenings after dinner. Our Group Dance classes will be on the days we are at sea. You can see the itinerary lower down the page. Come “get away” with us and enjoy dancing in the beautiful Mexican Riviera. We love Dancing on cruises and hope you will too.

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Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration Dance

Happy Chinese New YearChinese Lunar New Year Celebration Dance

Jimmi and Dave Serfling would like to honor you, our friends, as we celebrate this new lunar year of the Monkey with a Saturday night Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration Dance. We have a gift for the first 75+ people that come.

Keep your eye on our schedule for other Saturday nights in the future.


  • Variety of Music leaning toward Cha-cha, Rumba, Salsa and Swing with some of our other favorite songs mixed in.
  • PRE- Dance Lesson:
    7:00 – 8:00
    Lesson: February 6
    Price: $15.00/person (includes dance)
  • Variety Music Dance only:
    Time: 8:00 – 11:00
    Price: $12.00/person

We will share some Good Luck snacks and hope you will bring some of your favorite treats to share as well.


  • Practice what you are learning in classes or just come have fun.
  • Smoke & Alcohol-Free!
  • Large 4,000 sq.ft. Hardwood Dance Floor!
  • Lots of Free Onsite Parking!


  • Casual to Smart Casual – Wearing RED would be a good idea to celebrate with Good Luck for the New Year
  • Saturday night dancing varies depending on the theme.
  • Men are usually in black jeans or dark slacks and nice shirts.
  • Women wear a variety from jeans to skirts or dresses.
  • If the night has a dress code that will be noted in the advertising.
  • For example we have a Halloween Dance, Red & White Ball, Holiday Ball, Christmas Dance or New Year’s Eve Dance.


Year At A Glance 2016 Dance Class Schedule

At-A-Glance-Calendar-2016Year At A Glance 2016 Dance Class Schedule

Have you wanted to see the whole year of classes at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn on one piece of paper?

Here it is. We created a PDF (Year At A Glance 2016 Dance Class Schedule) for you to plan your 2016 Dance classes around the holidays and your vacations.

It includes:

  • Our 5 & 6 week Dance Classes
  • Alternating blue and yellow Series to make it easy to read
  • Our “Class Parties”
  • When we don’t have classes for special holidays

You can click the image and print it or save it on your favorite electronic device for future viewing.

If you want to see our Dance Class Schedule in full with details and links for registering click here

Country Dancing in Seattle

Dancing-small3There are very few places to go Country dancing in Seattle anymore.  Country dancing slowed down after its hayday during the 1990s but has been steadily on the rise again. In the late 1980s through the 1990s there were many Country bars and clubs in the area like the Riverside (Tukwila) , Little Red Hen (Seattle), Parkers (North Seattle), McCabe’s (Tacoma), Club Broadway (Everett), Jerry Andel’s (Everett & Auburn) and the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn (Renton).

The Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn is by far the biggest one left. One thing that sets the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn apart from the other places to go dancing is there is no alcohol. It is a place to just dance and have a good time. With 4,000 sq. ft. it is the largest hardwood dance floor for any kind of dancing in the Seattle area.

If you live in Seattle or are visiting Seattle this is a club you really should put on your list of places to go for Country Dancing. The best night for country dancing is Friday night. There are dance lessons every night and even during the day.

25th Annual Ho-ho-hoedown at Rockin Horse Dance Barn

Here comes our 25th Annual Ho-ho-hoedown at Rockin Horse Dance Barn on Friday. We will be celebrating our Class Party & Potluck, Dave’s Birthday (that’s me) and Christmas with our 25th Annual Ho-ho-hoedown. You can expect a great turnout this night. Dave Serfling will be teaching Nightclub 2-Step at 7pm so please join us for the whole evening. There will be our potluck at 8:30pm (please bring an item to share), Raffle drawings and door prizes.

I love December as most of you know. It’s my birthday month and I wait all year long for it. I try to celebrate as much as possible this time of year. Night gets to its longest in December and it tends to feel the coldest and dampest so I like to celebrate it with indoor dancing and parties.

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Registration Policies Information

Registration Policies InformationRegistration Policies Information

Please read our Registration Policies Information to help you prepare for your first dance classes with us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of our staff members (not one of our instructors).

If you qualify for a discount our staff will deduct it before your Bank Account or Credit Card is charged.
If you have a voucher please use the COMMENT section near the bottom of this form and enter where you purchased it, the date and the Voucher number. It is not necessary to enter any other payment info if you have a paid Voucher.

Assumption of Risk
In Consideration of participating in classes at the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, LLC, I understand there are certain risks of injury, and I am willing to assume these risks. I hereby certify that I am capable of participating in the activities of the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, LLC and I am healthy and have no physical or mental disabilities or infirmities that would restrict full participation in dance activities except as listed below. I hereby waive, release, hold harmless and covenant not to sue the Rockin’ Horse Dance Barn, LLC, its officers, employees and other representatives, for all claims made on account of an injury suffered in the normal course of dancing, whether the result of negligence or any other cause.

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